Ecuador National Day 2017

Ecuador National Day 2017

The people of Quito, Ecuador declared independence from Spain 208 years ago today. While the city of Quito was relatively small at the time, this declaration laid the foundation for sovereignty for the entire country.

Today, we celebrate Ecuador National Day with a Doodle that features the awe-inspiring Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve – a national park and biodiversity hotspot that’s near twice the size of Rhode Island!

If you want to explore the reserve for yourself, you’ll need a boat: the reserve’s forest is submerged in water for two-thirds of the year. This mix of lagoons, swamps, and dry land creates an incredibly diverse ecosystem with over 500 species of birds, 12 species of monkeys, and countless other animals. It’s also just one of 45 protected areas throughout Ecuador, emphasizing the country’s commitment to preserving nature.

In the cities of Ecuador – and especially Quito – the streets come alive during the month of August, celebrating the country’s independence with parades, concerts, and cultural exhibitions.

Happy National Day, Ecuador!

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